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Smooooth at "Torrente 5" The Movie

Torrente is a legend of the Spanish cinematic scene. His first film "Torrente el brazo tonto de la ley" was the most viewed movie in Spanish theaters in 1998. His newest film Torrente 5 will air in 5 months and is bound to be a hit as well.

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Taylor Swift interrupted on stage during first Red show by super Smooooth fan

Smooooth Taylor Swift fan run into the stage to give a secret note!  Yes he is wearing one of our Smooooth Buda sweaters! But Taylor looked anything but troubled (troubled, troubled) by the incident and happily accepted the note from the male fan, shook his hand and flashed him a smile before he was escorted off the stage of London's o2 arena by security. Taylor knows how to keep it Smooooth, sorry for the interuption. We noticed that the fan is from Iceland <3 such a beautiful country! ;)

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Uk grime artist Marger, represents Barcelona Stone Heart and dont forget to check out chingchan wala captain uk soundcharge. Today was with us in barcelona smooooth showroom and he caught a few clothes. More and more artists with whom smooooth are taking action and would not be a surprise if one of these days announced a big party ... keep in touch      

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