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Mixing up Nature and fashion with Alejandro Bocanegra

Smoooth sweatshirt views above Somocueva’s Beach in Cantabria Spain. Pics by Tomás Bocanegra. Today we talk about Alejandro Bocanegra, a passionate of the fashion industry. He got specialized in this area through a master's degree created by VOGUE magazine at Carlos III University in Madrid. Ever since he has been working as stylist and editor for specialized media and currently, working as a fashion journalist on the tv show Flash Moda on TVE (Spanish National Television)  and as a fashion editor for   Thank's for the stunning pictures Alejandro! Pictures by: Tomás Bocanegra

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Smooooth x El Periodico x Barcelona Divina

Thanks to "Barcelona Divina" an extra magazine that is added to "EL PERIODICO"  "famous newspaper here in spain" to get us this covered on this two pages.  We really appreciate the conversation with the "Ana" the interviewer she was really kind. Its always inspiring to remember how did we started. Now we keep pushing to offer you new stuff hopefully really soon.    This is how the cover of the magazine looks like. 

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As seen on Cuore Magazine / Woman.Es Blanca Suárez strikes again!

    Blanca Suárez surprises us again posting an amazing picture with our White tiger sweatshirt on her Instagram account! Blanca is a young and talented actress really famous in Spain and recognized around the globe! So Imagine what? when she posted the picture... it went viral on the press. Special thank's to Blanca Suárez!  Una foto publicada por Smooooth Clothing (@smoooothclothing) el 6 de Dic de 2016 a la(s) 11:54 PST "This picture was not Sponsored - We did not pay for this picture to be posted. Thanks for sharing this amazing picture Blanca! We truly appreciate your support!   Revista Cuore said: It's really nice that national celebrities as Blanca support small companies from the country and furthermore that...

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Smooooth clothing x Jason Derulo x Los 40 Music Awards

Wiggle, Kiss The Sky and Want To Want Me.  These were the three temazos that Jason Derülo played on the stage of the Palau Sant Jordi. And of course our matelasse hoddies and sweatshirts where there on stage with him! On the picture below, Jason Derulo dancers about tho go out on stage at los 40 music awards rocking our Matelasse hodies!  Una foto publicada por Smooooth Clothing (@smoooothclothing) el 1 de Dic de 2016 a la(s) 2:49 PST   With this mix made the whole public jump and dance, who shouted and chanted his name like never before. In addition, the singer, winner of the Award to 'Artist LO + 40', dared to pronounce some words in Spanish. Hold...

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Blanca Suárez X Smooooth Clothing X VOGUE

Blanca Suárez is a famous actress, very popular in tv, cinema and media. This gorgeous young lady really has it all, her career on tv started in 2007, and she has done many tv series. She also has worked with Pedro Almodóbar, receive Goyas, MTV award and many more. She rules a lovely blog on the Esp. Online VOGUE magazine And last week she delighted to us posting some pictures, about the weekend she spend on the nature, with her smooth white tiger. Smooooth clothing sweatshirt, Louis Vuitton necklace  Smooooth clothing sweatshirt, h&m Pants, Nike shoes    Smooooth clothing sweatshirt, Tous ring  Image source:

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