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Game On! Turkish Airlines EuroLeague stars present new season with original video clip and song


We are glad to collab with Turkish Airlines Euroligue team to get a smooooth style to Jayson Granger. Check the video here!  Jayson shows off at 1:49. 
What do you think about the Velvet Jacket ? Pretty dope huh ? 

Jayson is really talented an just joined BASKONIA TEAM, and looks like he is doing really good with the team! 

You can raise your bid for the worn jacket on Ebay


⬇︎   .   ⬇︎   .   ⬇︎   .   ⬇︎   .   ⬇︎  .   ⬇︎ .  .   ⬇︎ .  .   ⬇︎   .   ⬇︎

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