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Stars & Nugz debut at Sonar by BoxinBox & Sr.Wilson

Smooooth Clothing recently had a spot in the limelight at Barcelona's biggest and longest running festival SONÁR!! Djs Boxinbox and Sr Wilson debuted Smooooth's newest creation, The Stars n Nugz T Shirt! If you like that, keep your eyes on for new additions to our summer collection!

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Dj Datflex

  Check out this clip that our man 2 time DMC Spain champion, DJ Datflex, put together for us over here at Smooooth! Be sure to check out his soundcloud at so you can check out all of his skills!

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Smooooth has a secret!

Ok…so we haven’t been being completely honest and open with you all. We can’t hold it any longer! We have been keeping a secret from all of our Smooooth family and it is killing us! We have been working on a little project since the end of winter and I think that its about time that we give you a little hint as to what we are working on. Keep your eyes glued to our blog and see if you cant figure out what we are getting ourselves into! Peace!!! Bueno…no hemos estado siendo exactamente honestos y abiertos con vosotros. Ya no lo podemos aguantar mas! Tenemos un secreto que llevamos oculto a nuestra familia Smooooth y nos esta matando!...

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Stay tuned for some exciting news!

So…we were chilling at the lab the other day brainstorming about how to keep things popping, and my Smooooth people, I believe that we have a treat in mind for you! We are not ready to tell you what it is yet, but I can tell you one thing…Barcelona is the place to be this summer! Keep tuned to for more news on what we are cooking up!

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