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They wear it !

  Here some personalitys that we couch wearing out Smooooth Garments!   1. OKUDART  Okuda San Miguel is one of a kine artist! You can spot his awesome paints all around the world from India, japan, United states, Chile, Peru, and a long list that continues on and on. Take your time to check his masterpieces on his instagram @Okudart  We spotted him wearing our garments! Pictures by @elchino_po Amazing shoot from his current work in Paris!  2. RIHANNA Well we all know Rihanna, amazing woman that has stole our diamond heart! Here we saw her wearing our Black panther swimsuit in Barbados Island, after this picture was unveiled many brand started to produce copys of the print...  3. THE JILLIONAIRE...

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Mixing up Nature and fashion with Alejandro Bocanegra

Smoooth sweatshirt views above Somocueva’s Beach in Cantabria Spain. Pics by Tomás Bocanegra. Today we talk about Alejandro Bocanegra, a passionate of the fashion industry. He got specialized in this area through a master's degree created by VOGUE magazine at Carlos III University in Madrid. Ever since he has been working as stylist and editor for specialized media and currently, working as a fashion journalist on the tv show Flash Moda on TVE (Spanish National Television)  and as a fashion editor for   Thank's for the stunning pictures Alejandro! Pictures by: Tomás Bocanegra

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Smooooth x El Periodico x Barcelona Divina

Thanks to "Barcelona Divina" an extra magazine that is added to "EL PERIODICO"  "famous newspaper here in spain" to get us this covered on this two pages.  We really appreciate the conversation with the "Ana" the interviewer she was really kind. Its always inspiring to remember how did we started. Now we keep pushing to offer you new stuff hopefully really soon.    This is how the cover of the magazine looks like. 

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