As seen on Cuore Magazine / Woman.Es Blanca Suárez strikes again!

As seen on Cuore Magazine / Woman.Es Blanca Suárez strikes again!



Blanca Suárez surprises us again posting an amazing picture with our White tiger sweatshirt on her Instagram account! 
Blanca is a young and talented actress really famous in Spain and recognized around the globe!

So Imagine what? when she posted the picture... it went viral on the press.

Special thank's to Blanca Suárez! 

Una foto publicada por Smooooth Clothing (@smoooothclothing) el

"This picture was not Sponsored - We did not pay for this picture to be posted.

Thanks for sharing this amazing picture Blanca! We truly appreciate your support!  

Revista Cuore said: It's really nice that national celebrities as Blanca support small companies from the country and furthermore that she look really good on our white tiger sweatshirt surrounded by such nice views!  Thanks for the Post Revista Cuore !


+ We are Ranked n1 on Woman.Es Posts ! Thanks for the Post Woman.Es !

Woman Madame Figaro talked about Blanca's influencer talents as well of her "Midas" golden touch!

At the time she posted the picture our White tiger sweatshirt went out off stock!

Smooooth clothing blanca suarez woman madame figaro

Rhiana wearing our panther swinsuit

Jason Derulo performing with our quilted matelasse hodies at the 50 aniversarry of "Los 40 music awards" in el palu Sant Jordi

The Jillionaire from Major Lazer is also rocking our sweatshirts

Blanca Suárez combines our sweatshirt with LV jewellery at VOGUE.ES 

Who will be the next personality to Rock our Garments ?  


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